How will you prepare for your high asset divorce?

A divorce destroys the legal bond that marriage creates between two people. It can be a complicated, difficult process even when the partners to the failing marriage agree that divorce is a necessary step to move their lives forward. One factor that can make a Tampa divorce especially challenging is the presence of extensive assets shared between the partners.

Marital assets can come in many different shapes and sizes. Real property, such as homes, vacation properties, business complexes, and others may be owned in the names of both of the marital partners. Financial assets such as 401(k) accounts, retirement plans, savings and checking accounts and separate investments may be augmented by the contributions of both individuals. Smaller items of personal property such as artwork, antiques, and heirlooms may hold significant value and may also be considered marital property depending upon how and when the articles were acquired.

When a couple shares these and other assets, then the end of its marriage may be considered a high asset divorce. Though a high asset divorce will result in the same outcome as a divorce between individuals of more modest means, it may take on a very different look and feel. High asset divorces require careful financial planning and preparation to ensure that the partners to the ending marriage begin their single lives with an appropriate share of their marital wealth.

The Tampa Bay Legal Center is a family law firm that provides legal support and guidance to individuals who desire to pursue high asset divorces. In addition to providing clients with case-specific care that addresses their financial situations, the Tampa Bay Legal Center also helps its clients manage their child support and custody negotiations. To learn more about the firm and the many services that it provides, readers may visit its webpage for high asset divorces.


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