Is there an alimony guideline amount?

In a recent trial, the opposing lawyer, whose client argued they were a homemaker for most of the past 15 years, argued for alimony.  In closing argument he stated,

“Pursuant to the Alimony Guidelines, the most the Court can award is $1,250.00 per month, and the least the Court can award is $500.00 per month.”  It seems the attorney was confused about the law; the Judge quickly reminded him that there is no guideline amount for alimony currently.  While this may change through the legislature, currently the alimony amounts awarded are based on the payor spouse’s “ability to pay,” and the payee spouse’s “need.”  Fortunately, the Judge understood the law and applied it correctly in determining an alimony amount, far below the attorney’s “least amount.”

If you have a case where you may believe that you are owed alimony, or where your spouse believes they are owed alimony, make sure you meet with an attorney that understands how alimony is determined by the Judge, under the Florida Statutes.


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