An equitable property split is possible for divorcing couples

Sometimes a divorce can feel like each party just wants to look out for their own interests. In some cases, it can feel like the best interests of the other party are then sacrificed. But it doesn’t always have to be this way. There is a way to prioritize both interests of divorcing spouses during property division.

The best way to do this is for each party to focus in on what is most important to them. For example, it may be really important for one spouse to keep the house, especially if they will have the majority of physical custody of the kids. Or let’s say one spouse owns a business. It may be really important for the business assets to remain in the possession and in control of the one spouse who runs the business. Since either spouse has different points that are most important to them, they may be able to come to a decision by prioritizing the aspects that are most important to each person.

Not all issues will be easy to settle, however. For example, issues in which both spouses prioritize equally can prove challenging. However, equitable division is sometimes about compromise. You can’t have an equitable division if one spouse’s divorce settlement is one-sided on way or the other. At Tampa Bay Legal Center, P.A., we have helped countless couples come to decisions that help them start strong in their newly single life.

Property division doesn’t have to be a screaming match. Understanding that you will have to compromise and can get what you want does well to set expectations for both parties. While 50/50 division is always the goal, it oftentimes isn’t so clean cut. Finding the assets that are most important to you and prioritizing them over others may help to achieve the assets that are most important.


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