Seeking primary custody of your child may be best

Being a parent comes with a lot of responsibility. There also isn’t any greater joy than seeing your child thrive and grow. Parents can seek primary custody of their child in both a physical and a legal sense. Being awarded primary custody can mean a variety of things affecting families today.

Primary custody usually means that a parent has been awarded most of the responsibility as far as physical custody goes. Physical custody refers to where the child is residing the majority of the time. Physical custody determinations are different from legal custody decisions, in which the big decisions are made for the child. Decisions like religion, schooling and things that affect a child’s future are granted to parents who are awarded legal custody.

It is totally possible that a parent could be awarded primary physical custody and split legal custody with the child’s other parent. Also, a parent could even be awarded sole custody of both physical and legal custody of their child. Sole custody can be awarded to parents who are an appropriate caretaker of the child, especially if the child’s other parent is unable to meet the obligations and responsibilities of which a parent is expected.

It may be wise for a parent to seek primary custody or even sole custody in certain situations. Since a child’s best interests are put at the center of all child custody decisions, a family law judge will determine if a parent’s claims are valid. At Tampa Bay Legal Center PA, we take custody decisions seriously and have helped thousands of clients achieve their goals.


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