Personal Injury & Non Disclosure Agreements

Personal injuries in automobile accidents should not be settled with protective Orders or Non Disclousre Agreements.

This is why Non Disclosure Agreements are a bad idea. Goodyear has fought the disclosure of the NDA’s settling claims with families for years, claiming that they are “trade secrets.”

In a fight with Goodyear to make these NDA’s public, the Judge ruled, among other things:

In a fight with Goodyear to make these NDA’s public, the Judge ruled, among other things:

· “Goodyear emphasizes that the allegations of these and other plaintiffs ‘were never tested at trial,’ and that no lawsuit has ‘resulted in a finding of public safety risk.’ The reason, of course, is that Goodyear has settled every G159 case confidentially. . . . Thus Goodyear has avoided exposure to a finding of public safety risk and spun the outcome as ‘there is no risk.'”

· “Protective orders are meant to allow litigants to maintain the confidentiality of trade secrets and confidential business information. Goodyear appears to have been abusing that privilege . . . .”

· “Goodyear characterizes [its] information as ‘customer use data’ or ‘warranty data’ or ‘marketplace performance data.’ The plaintiffs would describe it as evidence of the number of people killed or injured by a defective tire.”

Personal injuries in automobile accidents sometimes involve product defects, such as tires, or the failure to create a safe vehicle.  If you have been injured in an accident, contact Tampa Bay Legal Center, P.A. for legal representation.


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