Dating During Your Florida Divorce

If you are considering dating someone else while your Florida divorce is pending, you might be wondering whether that is even legal. Perhaps you are wondering, “Even if it is legal to date during a Florida divorce, is it a good idea to do so?” So, can you date during your Florida divorce? And if you can, is it a good idea to do so? Read on to find out.

Can You and Should You Date During Your Florida Divorce?

It is not illegal to date during your Florida divorce. Therefore, as it pertains to the question, “Can I date during my Florida divorce?” The answer is yes, you can date while your Florida divorce is pending without having to worry that you are breaking the law. However, as it pertains to the question, “Should I date during my Florida divorce?” The answer is more complicated. If you are contemplating dating while your Florida divorce is pending, you should consider the following ways dating can affect your divorce.

Impact on the Divorce Process

Dating during your divorce could result in increased tension between you and your spouse. Indeed, the two of you might have already agreed that getting a divorce is what is best. However, it is human nature to get jealous, and if your spouse gets jealous and tensions rise, it might result in a messier divorce. For example, your spouse might feel that you have moved on too quickly because your marriage meant nothing to you. Or, they might conclude that you were unfaithful during your marriage. 

Impact on Time-Sharing Plans

In Florida, decisions concerning time-sharing plans are made after careful consideration of what is in the child’s best interest. If you decide to date while your divorce is pending, the other parent might claim that your new relationship is negatively affecting your children. They might also argue that you are allowing your children to be exposed to inappropriate situations, for instance, if your new partner spends the night in your house while your children are around. If the judge agrees with your spouse, the other parent might get more time with the children. 

Impact on Property Division

Dating another person while your Florida divorce is pending can result in unequal distribution of marital property. This can happen if your spouse claims that you are using marital assets on your new partner and the court agrees with them. For example, your spouse could argue that you are using money that belongs to you and them on your new partner. 

Impact on Decision Making Ability

A new relationship during your divorce can result in you getting too excited to the point where you are willing to agree to anything, even if it is unfair, just so you can get your divorce finalized. For example, you might agree to pay alimony even if the circumstances do not justify the payment because of the excitement and desire to get your divorce finalized fast. 

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