Tips on Choosing an Adoption Agency

If you are considering adoption, there are many options available. One of the options available is agency adoption. If you decide to go with agency adoption, it is crucial that you find the right agency that fits you. Choosing the right adoption agency can help you have a positive adoption experience. It can ensure you see a positive outcome in the adoption process. But with thousands of adoption agencies in the United States of America, how do you determine which is the right adoption agency for your family? Indeed, it can take a lot of work to pick the right adoption agency, but it is doable.

If you are considering agency adoption, the following are some tips to help you select the right adoption agency.

Do Your Research

Before making any major decision, conducting research is always a good idea. And adopting a child is one of the major decisions you can make in life. If you wish to work with an adoption agency, you can start by conducting your research online. One great way to research adoption agencies online is by reading reviews from people who have worked with the agencies before. Reviews can help you determine if an agency is right for you. However, when reading reviews online, you must keep an open mind. Some of the things people post about organizations are untrue. When people are frustrated about their adoption, they can say things to taint an agency’s image. Basically, do not overreact to one angry posting about an agency. When you start seeing a pattern is when you need to get concerned.

Apart from conducting online research, you can ask for referrals from friends and family who have worked with an adoption agency before. 

Contact Agencies and Ask Questions

You should contact agencies and ask questions when looking for an adoption agency. You can tell if an agency is right for you based on how your questions are answered. To ensure you ask as many questions as possible, prepare a list of questions before calling an agency. The following are some of the questions you can ask an adoption agency that can help you determine whether or not the agency is the right fit for you:

  • What kind of education and training do you provide?
  • What are your fees? 
  • How will you prevent disruptions if they arise?
  • What will the home study be like?
  • Do you have references you can show me?
  • How will you support the prospective birth mother and me?
  • How long will it likely take for me to get matched?

When the adoption agency is answering your questions, you should look out for, among other things, clarity, transparency, and professionalism. 

Look Out for Warning Signs

Lastly, you should look out for warning signs. Is the adoption agency licensed/accredited? Is the adoption agency making you an offer that appears too good to be true? You should avoid working with an adoption agency that is not licensed. Also, if what an adoption agency is offering you seems too good to be true, it likely is. 

Do You Need Help Choosing an Adoption Agency?

If you are looking to adopt through an adoption agency and need help looking for an agency that is the right fit for you, contact a qualified adoption law practitioner at Tampa Bay Legal Center, P.A. 


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