Steps to Take if the Other Parent is Not Following Your Florida Parenting Plan
Florida’s Parental Relocation Laws

Florida’s Parental Relocation Laws

Often after divorce, people decide to move for various reasons. For example, some move because of new jobs, while others move to be with new partners. But, what happens when children are involved? Can a parent freely relocate with their child whenever they want to...

The Role of a Guardian Ad Litem in a Florida Custody Case

Child custody/time sharing cases can bring the worst out of parents since not all know how to handle the stress and emotions that come with them. It is not uncommon for parents to focus on proving to one another who the better parent is to the extent of forgetting to...
Know Your Rights as an Unmarried Father in Florida

Know Your Rights as an Unmarried Father in Florida

Couples have children at different moments in their lives, with many bundles of joy coming before formal nuptials. Never assume that visitation or child custody rights are awarded to both parents automatically after a child’s birth. In Florida, the law only...

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