Are you really ready to fight for the house in the divorce?

How does Florida divide assets in a divorce?

The prospect of divorce brings up many questions, and one you likely have is what will happen to your assets. You may have friends who have lost or gained much in a divorce, and you wonder what will be the case for you. Property division is complex, especially when...

Forensic accounting investigation and high-asset divorce

Divorce is stressful. Key issues revolve around money and children. Fair asset division can be particularly stressful in a high net-worth divorce. In a low-asset divorce, both parties have a pretty good idea of their assets, and often, they can settle differences...

2 simple alimony decision points

If anyone tells you anything definite about alimony in Florida, it is likely you should take that information with a grain of salt. Even people who have gone through the divorce process and have similar situations to yours may not be good sources of...

Will a judge force me to split my 401(k) with my ex?

In preparing for a divorce, especially in a high-asset situation, tensions run relatively high. Not only do you own several properties, but you also have a sizeable investment account with your employer. You planned on that 401(k) getting you through retirement and...

How will your antiques impact your high-asset divorce?

If you and your spouse are like most high-asset Florida couples, you likely own some antiques. Or at least you own some old things that you believe to be antiques. And you likely believe that these things have increased in value the older they have become. Before...

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