Personal Injury & Non Disclosure Agreements

Personal Injury & Non Disclosure Agreements

Personal injuries in automobile accidents should not be settled with protective Orders or Non Disclousre Agreements. This is why Non Disclosure Agreements are a bad idea. Goodyear has fought the disclosure of the NDA’s settling claims with families for years,...

How Does a Debt Become An Asset?

This actually happened in a high asset divorce case. Crazy question, I know, but recently an opposing attorney in an alimony case actually made this claim in a dissolution proceeding.  The short answer is that a debt is a debt, not an asset from which the Court can...

A divorce later in life can make finances difficult

Just recently this Florida family law and divorce blog discussed an interesting trend in American divorces — marriages are ending at a higher than average rate for older individuals. Often termed “gray divorce,” the end of a marriage between people...

Knowing what to expect when dividing property is helpful

The division of assets can be a concern at the top of the list of many divorcing spouses. Divorcing couples may wonder how their property will be divided if they divorce. In Florida, equitable property division rules are followed which means that the court will seek...

What is a gray divorce?

Throughout the United States, including Tampa Bay, Florida, and the surrounding area, “gray divorces” are becoming more common. A gray divorce is defined as a divorce of a couple over 50 years of age. In fact, according to the Pew Research Center, gray...

Reversal of decision of marital property

The American legal system functions as a set of checks and balances. This is to help rectify if an error was ever made in a legal decision. According to a Florida appellate court, an error was made in determining the ownership of assets and marital property under the...

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