There Is A Legal Process For Modifying A Divorce Order

It would be unrealistic to believe that a divorce order could remain unchanged for years following the dissolution of a marriage. Significant changes necessitate an alteration in the original compromise. Schedule a consultation with an experienced modifications attorney in Florida to learn more about the legal process.

With more than 20 years of experience, Tampa Bay Legal Center, P.A., can provide the honest answers and clear direction you need. We understand that living with a divorce order can be challenging. Reduction in hours, job loss, medical emergency — these things happen. It is wise to seek the counsel of an experienced lawyer to discuss the legal process for modifying a court order.

Can My Judgment Be Modified?

If there are substantial and material changes in your finances, you can petition the court to alter the original judgment. Serious financial troubles can directly impact your ability to meet the requirements set forth by the court. Fortunately, the court recognizes these situations and is willing to consider modifications provided the changes are substantial, material and not expected.

Whether you are seeking to modify child support, spousal support or you need to change language because of a planned relocation, we can help. A change of $50 a month or 15 percent of the current ongoing child support amount can trigger a potential modification. Do not attempt to negotiate a change with your ex-spouse. Let our firm guide you through the legal process. Verbal agreements are not legally binding and you might find yourself facing penalties if you change the terms without the court’s involvement.

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