Spousal Support

Spousal Support Is An Important Part Of Divorce

Two people who are getting divorced might have a difficult time working together to reach a compromise. It is the job of a skilled attorney to help guide clients toward a beneficial resolution. Whether we are representing the husband or the wife, clients can count on our professionalism and our dedication to reaching an efficient compromise.

At Tampa Bay Legal Center, P.A., we have 20 years of experience guiding Florida clients through the legal process. We understand the challenges that divorcing couples face — issues surrounding the care and support of children, debt and asset division, and reaching an agreement regarding alimony. It is our goal to work through all disputes through mediation where possible or in the courtroom when necessary.

Are There Different Types Of Spousal Support?

From our headquarters in Brandon, we have helped countless Floridians through marriage dissolution. In the vast majority of situations, there is a significant discrepancy between the earning potential of the divorcing spouses. In those cases, the more financially independent party may be required to pay support to the financially dependent party. The different types of support can include:

  • Temporary support: This is money paid simply through the divorce process. When the divorce is finalized, the temporary support ends.
  • Rehabilitative support: This support is designed to help the financially dependent party get back on his or her feet, financially speaking. Whether this centers on job training or completing a degree program, the support will end when the agreed upon conditions are met.
  • Durational support: This support is designed to last for a set number of years at a set amount. This type of support is rarely modifiable, and usually lasts for up to half of the length of the marriage.
  • Bridge-the-gap support: bridge-the-gap support is meant to smooth the transition from married life to single life. This support normally does not exceed two years in duration.
  • Permanent support: This is an amount paid by the financially independent party to the dependent party in perpetuity. Significant financial changes will necessitate a modification of the judgment, and support can be upwardly or downwardly modifiable. Certain conditions, such as the subsequent marriage of the dependent party, will end the support period.

Not all cases include a provision for alimony. In some situations, even in a long-term marriage, unless one spouse actually needs the income and the other spouse has the ability to pay it, the court will not require a payment of alimony.

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