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Even an amicable divorce can be derailed by money or property disputes. When you are facing divorce, it is wise to seek the counsel of a skilled family law attorney to guide you through the process.

Faced with a slowly rebounding economy, individuals do not wish to take unnecessary financial risks. A knowledgeable property division lawyer can help reach an equitable split of both assets and debts during the divorce process. Schedule a consultation at Tampa Bay Legal Center, P.A., in Brandon, Florida, to discuss your unique situation.

Finding An Equitable Split

Most states try to achieve as close to a 50-50 division of assets and debts as possible. Unfortunately, this is often difficult to do. Most often, the compromise is “equitable” rather than “equal.” For example, one party might get control of the family business while the other party gets the family home. Many couples find this solution more amenable than simply selling the property and splitting the profits down the middle.

Our firm will first examine your situation to clearly define marital and non-marital assets. Non-marital assets are typically those items that were either brought into the marriage, gifted to one spouse but not the other, or inherited by one spouse but not the other. With these assets properly categorized, we will begin dividing the marital assets. We can use experts such as business valuators, tax professionals or realtors to arrive at an accurate valuation. Understanding the value of an asset is key to determining a beneficial compromise.

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