An Effective Parenting Plan Can Help You Avoid Disputes

Nearly any divorce will become more complex when there are children present. Typically, the parents have vastly different ideas about the best interests of the child — and even might disagree on parenting techniques. During a divorce, however, the parents must come to an agreement regarding who will have custody and who will make decisions about the child’s future.

In recent years, Florida has altered definitions, concepts and language relating to custody. Where you might have heard of “primary residence,” “secondary residence” or “visitation,” these concepts now are all included in the notion of a parenting plan. The parenting plan is a way for parents to organize schedules in the present and prepare contingencies to avoid conflicts in the future. These plans must always contain a provision called a “time-sharing schedule.”

Drafting A Comprehensive Parenting Plan Can Prevent Future Disputes

At Tampa Bay Legal Center, P.A., we understand that parents might have very different goals as it relates to parenting and time spent with a child. We are prepared to guide clients through this process in the most efficient, cost-effective manner possible. Trust our family law firm for the representation you need.

Based on your goals and motivations, we can provide the answers and legal direction you need to reach a satisfactory resolution. Typically, we will explore concepts such as shared parental responsibility — where each parent has a say in decisions relating to education, religion or medical care — and sole decision-making authority — where one parent retains the power to make life-decisions for the child.

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