Parental Relocation And Modifications In Florida

In the past, individuals might have found it difficult to look for jobs or housing opportunities that might exist a significant distance from home. Now, with the advent of the Internet and the ability to search using computers, tablets and smartphones, people are able to search for opportunities in neighboring states or even out of the country.

At Tampa Bay Legal Center, P.A., we understand the frustration that comes from the desire to relocate when you are tied to a divorce order. It is fortunate that the court system recognizes that a divorce order might not remain effective for the years following a divorce. One particular type of post-decree modification is a relocation.

Can I Relocate After My Divorce?

People decide to move for numerous reasons. Maybe you have accepted a job offer in a different state. Maybe you would like to move closer to your family. Maybe you are continuing your education in a foreign country. Unfortunately, your divorce order might contain specific language regarding parenting time or visitation that is dependent upon your location. It is crucial that you follow the legal process when you need to move.

Florida has specific rules that must be followed regarding parental relocation. It is wise to discuss the matter with an experienced relocation attorney who can provide the guidance you need.

If you have alerted your ex-spouse that you would like to relocate and that person does not respond or says you cannot move, you have to petition the court. Once served, if the party that does not want the other party to move fails to respond, then the court will, without further notice, permit the other party to move with the child. If the other party does respond, the court has to make the decision about whether it’s in the best interest of the child. A lawyer at our firm will carefully examine your situation and provide honest answers and clear direction regarding the best course of action.

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