Establishing Or Disputing Paternity

When the parentage of a child is called into question, there is a legal process for establishing paternity. This process is used to identify the child’s biological father for a number of different reasons.

At Tampa Bay Legal Center, P.A., our staff of dedicated professionals stands ready to answer complex questions about paternity. Whether you are attempting to establish paternity or dispute paternity, our firm can help.

Different Individuals Have Different Goals For Establishing Paternity

While paternity can be used to establish or dispute the identity of the biological father, there are often unintended outcomes. For example, a mother might seek to establish paternity to hold the biological father financially responsible for his child. She might win the legal battle, but has now given the father the right of custody or visitation. Conversely, the man who chooses to prove he is the father to gain access to the child now finds himself obligated to make child support payments. A skilled fathers’ rights attorney can help you understand the big picture of this legal process.

In some instances, DNA testing is completed to dispute parentage. If you are being held financially accountable for a child you do not believe to be yours, a DNA test can be used to clearly answer these concerns. Schedule a confidential consultation with a lawyer at our firm.

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